I'm a software engineer who has several joys in life: a great wife, a wonderful daughter, a good job at an exciting startup in San Francisco, and enough skill and means to have woodworking, knitting, cooking, LEGO, music, and -- of course -- writing my own software applications. One thing I share across all of these subjects is a drive to excel at the project, to hone my existing skill, to learn something new, essentially, to craft something I can feel proud of.



Trying out Mailbox

Since I got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S5) and since it's my first foray into full-time android use (I dumped my iPhone for this one), I get to learn all about new apps! Sometimes this is exciting, sometimes not so much because I don't want to spend all my time learning the apps, you know? Any rate, one of them was enough of a paradigm shift that I thought I'd write about it.

Mailbox overview

The app is simply called "Mailbox" (www.mailboxapp.com) and, just like its name suggests, it is an email client. However, there's ...


'Baraka' Review

TL;DR: Riveting without a plot and stunningly beautiful

If you've ever seen a film that has amazing cinematography with a less-than-stellar story and were still glad you saw the movie, then Baraka is for you. It ramps the story down to... oh, about 0 and the cinematography up to 11. It's made simply for the gorgeousness of the world and is completely successful at it.

Baraka poster

I've seen this several times and have been mesmerized by it every time; it's one of the few movies I absolutely had to buy on Blu-Ray because of the sheer ...


San Francisco Panoramas

Shanin and I went to San Francisco for a delayed honeymoon and to get away for a while. We had a great time, though we did walk a long way! Of course, the weather was so beautiful, I had to get a couple panoramas. Enjoy! overview