I'm a software engineer who has several joys in life: a great wife, a wonderful daughter, a good job at an exciting startup in San Francisco, and enough skill and means to have woodworking, knitting, cooking, LEGO, music, and -- of course -- writing my own software applications. One thing I share across all of these subjects is a drive to excel at the project, to hone my existing skill, to learn something new, essentially, to craft something I can feel proud of.



My Plea for Adequate Photo Management

If there's one thing which you'd think computers and software had solved by now, it's photos. There are so many different ways to organize, share, and safekeep photos out there that you'd think one would get it right. Failing that, perhaps it would be easy or simple or pretty straightforward to use a combination of two or more of these products to meet all your needs. Alas, I have been unable to find one.

brown ugly couch I did find $1.77 and a VTA token in the couch, though

So far, I've gone through Picasa (now pretty ...


Breaking Bad (Goddammit)

Man, this is the first sentence into this post, and I already hate myself. I don't wanna write a post on Breaking Bad; it'll be just too band-wagony for me. I created the title, that's enough, right? Can I stop now?

How about now? I waited like 10 minutes before writing this line...

Get on with it Will you get to work?

Okay, FINE. We're gonna do this. The real title should be "Why I Should Eat My Hat About Breaking Bad But Was Right About Hating It". I've avoided the Breaking Bad hype the entire time it was ...


Death of a Project

It's never easy saying good bye. Sometimes you see it coming, sometimes you intuit that it's going to happen, and sometimes it smacks you out of left field. Today's departure was of the smacking variety.

While this is less the project being blatantly axed and more the project being put on hold (at least, that's the messaging), I've only seen one project come back from the shelf, so I don't hold high faith for this one. I'll be doing the best I can to spend a cycle or two on it to keep ...