I'm a software engineer who has several joys in life: a great wife, a wonderful daughter, a good job at an exciting startup in San Francisco, and enough skill and means to have woodworking, knitting, cooking, LEGO, music, and -- of course -- writing my own software applications. One thing I share across all of these subjects is a drive to excel at the project, to hone my existing skill, to learn something new, essentially, to craft something I can feel proud of.



Updated Meta tags

Hey all, since I gave you [the Tumbler timelapse][tumbler] two days early, I'm taking this opportunity to do a little upkeep and behind-the-scenes modifications. All I've done is update the OpenGraph meta tags so my posts show up better on Facebook.

That's it.

Nothing else.

No, seriously.


Time Lapse LEGO Assembly, The Tumbler

Okay, so I'm supposed to wait till Tuesday to release this post... but I don't want to wait. I think this is damn cool, and I'm gonna share it with you NOW! I made a timelapse of assembling The Tumbler!

The Tumbler

As you may know, I really like Batman. I mean, I'm not a fanatic or anything, but I've seen all the recent live-action movies, played the recent video games, etc. I liked the first two iterations of the Tim Burton reboot of Batman, the ones with Michael Keaton, and bought the model of The Batmobile ...


Synecdoche, New York

So, I almost didn't get a post in today because I was trying to hurry a treat for y'all. However, I decided to not rush so much and to instead give you a review of one of the movies I watched while I was working on the treat: Synecdoche, New York.

Synechdoche, New York

First off, the pronunciation of the city is kinda like a trick question: if you know, you know, else you're gonna have a bad time. Of course, a quick Google search will reveal that this is a part of the trick. See, you're thinking of ...